Fan P. Terry got a ‘fresh’ tattoo for a Texas burger chain

Austin (KXAN) – One superfan, P. Terry, got “fresh” ink for the freshest hamburgers.

Drake Snyder entered 2023 with his first tattoo. He wanted it to be a vintage logo for Austin’s P. Terry’s burger chain. The fresh ink symbolizes another first event in Snyder’s life.

“P. Terry gave me many important achievements in my life and so I know it was a move,” Snyder said in an Instagram post.

  • Tattoo by P. Terry (Courtesy of Drake Snyder)
  • Tattoo by P. Terry (Courtesy of Drake Snyder)
  • Tattoo by P. Terry (Courtesy of Drake Snyder)

The hamburger stand was Snyder’s first job. He says it was the best first job he could ask for.

P. Terry CEO Todd Curver saw photos of the tattoo and asked his followers to track down the man with fresh ink.

This dude just got a real @pterrys tattoo. They say never meet your heroes, but if anyone knows him please connect me.” curver on twitter. – I want to catch him.

KXAN investigated and found Snyder’s Instagram post. We shared information with Mr. Curver. He tells KXAN that he is sending a gift to P. Terry Snyder as a thank you for loving the brand.

How far are you willing to go for your favorite Texas brand?

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