FCA All-Star Coaches Introduced

On March 14, Gilmer will host Harmony on the softball field.

Gilmer will be coached by Keirsten Seehorn and her mother, Sheri Seehorn, will be coaching Harmony.

In just three months, on June 2, the Seahorns will be part of the coaching staff for the ninth annual FCA Northeast Texas Softball All-Star Game.

“It’s great to do something with my daughter who is also a coach,” Sheri Seehorn said. “I think everyone dreams of being able to coach their child. I think being able to coach your child in such an environment is just the icing on the cake. This is simply one of the most wonderful experiences that I will cherish as a coach and as a parent.”

“It means the whole world can really train alongside her,” Keirsten Seehorn said.

Sheri Seehorn is the Head Coach of the FCA Red Softball Team. She will be assisted by Keirsten Seehorn, Harmony’s assistant Whitney Phillips and West Rusk head coach Bill Morton.

Before reuniting in the summer, the Seahorns will be in opposite dugouts for the regular season meeting.

“At the end of this year, we will be training against each other,” Keirsten said. “We’re going to call it the Seahorn Encounter, so we’ll see how it goes, but it’s an honor and a blessing that she even asked me to be here.”

Will there be friendly rivalry between them and maybe some trash on the side?

“Absolutely,” Keirsten said. “If I lose the game, the Seahorns will never let me live through it, so I have to come out victorious or I’ll never hear the end.”

The Seahorns were two of several coaches who were unveiled as coaches for the FCA All-Star Game on Tuesday morning at First Christian Church in Tyler.

“This is the best day in January right here,” Northeast Texas FCA director Robert Bardeen said. “To get all these coaches in this room, to see the number of schools represented, and to know that this is going to be a wonderful experience for them, there’s nothing better than that.”

The blue softball team is coached by head coach Jennifer Hawkins (Hawkins), Terry Boyd (Hawkins), Darianne Rezendes (Henderson) and Trevor Murphy (Longview). The softball director is Paul Roberts and the advisors are Mark Chitty (Grand Saline), Justin Niffen (Tyler Legacy), Colby Sales (Mabank) and Meredith Grant (Lindale).

The coaches also formed their teams on Tuesday, which Sheri Seehorn said will be facilitated by the presence of a large amount of talent in the area.

“I’ll tell you what, there are 37 schools here and you can’t go wrong,” Sheri Seehorn said. “The prey is easy this year.”

Kinny Laprad (Grand Saline) is the head coach of the Red Team baseball team. He will be assisted by Allen Ladd (Grand Saline), Jerry Courtney (Brooke Hill) and Brian Schneider (Chapel Hill). Chad Halcumbe (Union Grove) is the head coach of the blue baseball team. He will be assisted by John Roberts (Union Grove), Clay Hulton (Van) and Charles Fauci (White Oak). The baseball game director is Jeff Lee and the consultant is Rich Sanguinetti (Lindale).

“I’m doing this for the second year in a row, first as a head coach,” Halcumb said. “The best thing is 100% attitude. This is such a great opportunity and environment to build those relationships.”

Women’s soccer teams are coached by Kendra Lockett (Nacogdoches) and Chris Hemphill (Grace Community) of the Blue Team and Megan Coppedge (Mesquite Horn), Tiffany Cooksey (Bullard) and Cody Bray (Lindale) of the Red Team.

The boys’ football teams are coached by Anthony Randle (Marshall) and Austin Walker (Forney) of the blue team and Tony Bowles (Rockwall), Jay Campos (Sunnyvale) and Josue Sabillon (Grace Community) of the red team. Caitlin Petric and Joey Petric are directors of both football games, and Angel Rocha (Pine Tree) is a consultant for both games.

“It’s a great honor,” Randle said. “I am honored to be here with the Christian Athlete Fellowship as I am the sponsor of the FCA in Marshall. I look forward to coaching different kids and maybe leading them to Christ and being part of a great organization.”

The head coach of the Blue football team is New Diana head coach Jason Pitts. Scotty Leimans (Overton) will be the offensive coordinator and Tyler Zapata (New Diana) will be the defensive coordinator. Others in the blue state are Cody Gilbert (Sabina), Lance Connaught (Brownsboro), Jason Holman (Jacksonville), Garrett Smith (Canton), and Mike Davis (Spring Hill).

“When Robert texted me asking if I would do it, it was honestly one of the biggest accolades I have ever had for me,” Pitts said. “As coaches, you have to be in it for the kids and what better way to reach the kids than something like that. In a public school in Texas, we cannot fully engage with children. By doing this, you get the opportunity to interact with children from all over the area. It’s a great experience.”

Pitts may have a chance to coach not only some of his current New Diana players, but possibly the players he coached when he was an assistant coach at Tyler Legacy.

The head coach of the Red Team football team is Sam Wells (Troup). Jordan Blackmon (Squad) will be offensive coordinator and Jay Brashear (Squad) will be defensive coordinator. The other members of the Red Staff are Jack Alvarez (Marshall), Thomas Sitton (Rusk), Nick Harrison (West Rusk), Daryl Hayes (Bishop Gorman) and Travon Brown (Tyler High).

“This is a huge honor for many reasons,” said Wells. “First, being able to coach the many kids who are playing their last football game in high school. They get another extra game with other good players. This is an amazing and such a great event to help young people continue on their journey to Christ. This is a huge honor for us, for me and the rest of the guys who are coaching this game. This is my third time and I’m very lucky to have coached the other two times and obviously when Robert called me about it it was easy.”

Bardeen is the game director of the football game and the coordinators are Scott Callaway (Bullard) and Luke Blackwell (Mineola).

The cheerleading coaches are Cheryl Trimble (Harmony) and Summer McCartney (Big Sandy).

Softball and baseball matches are scheduled for June 2 at a venue to be announced. The football match will take place on June 3 at Lobo Stadium in Longview. Football matches will be held on June 10 at Tyler Legacy High School.

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