Filing for elections has begun

Municipal and school election filings begin today for the May 6th election.

Anyone interested in serving on Port Lavac City Council, Point Comfort City Council, Seadrift City Council, Calhoun County Port Authority Council, or Calhoun County ISD Council can obtain materials to file with various city halls, the CCISD District Office, or the Port Authority. .

Voters who wish to vote by mail may also apply for a ballot. Applications can be found on various city websites or obtained from offices.


The elections are up for seats in District 1, currently held by Jerry Smith, and District 3, currently held by Allen Tippit Jr.

Applications can be submitted at City Hall, or potential candidates can check the Elections tab on the city’s website, portlavaca.org. It’s on the city secretary’s tab. A package for potential candidates can be found there.

The completed package must be submitted to the mayor’s office before 17:00 on February 17.


There are three seats open on the Seadrift Board currently held by Tracey Johnson, Kenneth Reese and Jeff Hunt. If more than three candidates are nominated, the three with the most votes are elected to the council.

Applications are available from Seadrift City Hall and must be submitted by February 17th.

The City offers election information on its website, seadrifttx.org, under the City Secretary’s tab.


The Port Authority has three seats in this election cycle; District 2, currently owned by Jay Cuellar; District 3, currently owned by JC Melcher; and District 4, owned by Luis De La Garza.

Applications are available by mail at PO Box 397, Point Comfort, TX 77978; email [email protected]; or by faxing a request to 361-987-2189.

Those wishing to run can apply until 17:00 February 17.


This time around, the city has three seats, but elections have yet to be scheduled.


Board members will be up for election, but the board has not called an election yet.

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