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Flock camera helps identify Sugar Land shooting suspect, ISD teacher Alif

The SLPD said the license plate recognition camera helped confirm that Charvas Thompson was at Wendy Duane’s home the night she was shot.

Michelle Homer, Brittany Ford, Janelle Bludo

January 19, 2023 4:06 pm CST

January 19, 2023 10:31 pm CST

SUGAR LAND, Texas. The license plate recognition camera helped identify the man accused of killing ISD teacher Alief Wendy Duan, Sugar Land police said.

The SLPD stated that the Flock camera was used to confirm that Charvas Thompson of Houston was at Duane’s home after witnesses identified him as her killer. A few days later, 26-year-old Thompson was arrested in Louisiana and charged with murder.

Using still images, the cameras collect vehicle descriptions and license plates from the past 30 days.

“We just had a description of the car,” Sugar Land Assistant Police Chief Michelle Allen said. “If we have a description of a vehicle, then we can log into the system, enter a description of the vehicle, and it will actually look for reads that match those kinds of vehicles.

Allen said the system matched the car’s description to Thompson’s license plate.

Sugar Land Police have about 100 of these Flock license plate readers throughout the city and plan to add 100 more.

“They are motion-activated, so they don’t do anything until a vehicle passes the camera,” Flock spokeswoman Holly Beilin said. “The neighborhood can buy it, share it with law enforcement, and then cut itself out of the process entirely.”

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