Former Arkansas defenseman Jalen Catalon will continue his football career in Texas after the transfer

For Jalen Catalan, Austin is at the other end of the transfer portal.

Catalan announced on Monday that he would move to Texas. 5-10, 201-pound safe, Catalon has spent the last four seasons in Arkansas.

During the 2020 season in Arkansas, Catalon was honored by the SEC. However, his 2021 and 2022 seasons were cut short by shoulder injuries. In total, Catalan had 159 tackles and five interceptions in 21 games with the Razorbacks.

In Texas, Catalan joins a minor player who is not without talent in the safety position. Jerryn Thompson was a full starter last season, while Michael Taaffe and Keitan Crawford earned playing time. Austin Jordan, BJ Allen and Larry Turner-Gooden were four-star recruits in the class of 2022. But Anthony Cook, who started 12 times this fall, has exhausted his right.

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