Frisco Mayor Expects Less Traffic From Universal Studios Than HEB

Frisco residents have shared their fears about a new Universal Studios theme park in the city, but Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney is trying to allay any concerns.

On January 17, a meeting of the Frisco City Council brought together several residents who had questions about the future of the Universal theme park, located near the Dallas Northern Tollway and Panther Creek Boulevard. Crime, traffic and noise are just some of the concerns voiced by residents.

“I’m not necessarily for it, I’m not necessarily against it,” one resident said and asked the council to provide more information as decisions are made. “There is a report of a 198% increase in crime within a five mile radius of amusement parks.”

But Mayor Cheney explained that crime is likely to be a minor issue as the park is geared towards children rather than adult theme parks. Cheney also cited an estimate that explained that the new park would have less traffic than HEB, Costco, and similar projects put in place by the city.

“This is a 97-acre lot,” Cheney said. “The expected impact on traffic is actually less than what HEB does.”

Universal parks tend to be family-oriented as well as adult-oriented, Cheney said, but Frisco Park will be geared towards young children, aged roughly 4 to 12, “which won’t produce the same results on crime. ”

The WFAA reported that the Frisco City Council was initially “skeptical” about the Universal Studios theme park and that the city had proposed theme parks on several occasions in the past.

As for the noise – Local Profile It was previously reported that Universal is working to keep noise levels to a minimum inside and outside the park. The attraction will have different “worlds” located around the park, and part of that experience is to separate the noise from each world.

“Outside noise levels will be near zero because Universal executives don’t want any sound from their own themed lands leaking into neighboring ones,” board member Tammy Meinershagen said earlier. “They want to completely immerse you in the history of each land, which means isolating sound even within the park.”

The City Council has not yet made a decision on the future location of Universal Frisco, but will vote on the matter at a later meeting.

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