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Fundraising at the Project Success casino will take place on March 4


The Project Success afterschool fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, March 4 at the Danville Country Club. You can purchase tickets at CASINO NIGHT; $75 for individuals and $125 for couples. This afterschool program, which takes place right in the school buildings, now operates in 24 different schools located north to south throughout Vermilion County, serving 600 to 700 students per day.

Site coordinators begin their day at the Project Success office at 917 North Walnut, Suite 203 in Danville; and then head to your places, providing after-school tutoring in everything from life skills to science and technology skills and specifics like computer coding.

As Kimberley David of Project Success at the 1490 WDAN Community Connection with Laura Williams recently explained, a new grant from the 21st Century Federal Community Learning Centers through the Illinois Board of Education has allowed Vermilion County Project Success to grow even further into Danville, District 118. and throughout the region.

AUDIO: So we expanded to Liberty Elementary, and then the district took Edison students there after school, so we have Liberty and Edison at Liberty Elementary. We opened our site at Southwest Elementary and then at Danville High School. So, we used to go to Danville High with Teen Reach funding (grant), but we moved that funding to Salt Fork so we could serve more students there; and we are now a 21st Century (grant) funded Danville High School. So we are very excited.

Kimberly David says that District 118 has been very helpful in getting the students home after class and providing them with meals. Lucus Sailheimer of Project Success explained plans for Casino Night on March 4 to D102’s Tommy B on The Big Show.

Lucus Sailheimer of Project Success appeared with Tommy B on D102’s The Big Show.

AUDIO: (This is) our first major annual fundraiser, so we’re very excited about it. As we said, this will be a fundraiser for a casino night. We’re going to have Vegas style games for everyone who comes. All your typical Las Vegas games will be there. The only catch, of course, is that you catch those who want to get chips; and then chips are what you use to win some of our amazing prizes.

To learn more about how to get your child or school involved in the Vermilion County Success Project, or how to participate in the Casino Night fundraiser, simply follow the link. VCProjectSuccess.org.

Laura Williams’ full interview with Kimberly David and Lucus Sailheimer can be found at

To listen to Tommy B’s interview with Lucus Sailheimer, go to

NEXT – September 2022 VermilionCountyFirst.com article on expanded programs in Danville County 118, including PROJECT SUCCESS.

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