Garland man found guilty of assaulting officers during Capitol riot on January 6

The commercial artist from Garland is the latest local resident convicted of participating in the January 6 riots at the Capitol, when he was accused of striking and capturing one of the officers who tried to protect the building.

Robert Wayne Dennis, 62, a graphic artist and comic book artist, was found guilty on Friday on six of the eight counts following a trial in Washington, DC.

His lawyer could not be contacted for comment.

Robert Wayne Dennis, bloodied after a fight with police during the January 6 Capitol riot. Dennis is a graphic artist and comics artist originally from Garland.(Defence lawsuit)

According to court records, Dennis was captured on police body cameras battling with police officers who were trying to control an angry mob near the stairs to the Upper West Terrace.

He is one of more than two dozen North Texas residents facing charges in connection with the uprising that killed five people and injured dozens of police officers. Across the country, more than 900 people have been accused of participating in the Mafia siege, resulting in the largest federal criminal case in US history.

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U.S. District Judge James Boasberg found Dennis guilty of two counts of assault, resisting or obstructing officers; two counts related to the use of violence in the Capitol; one count of civil unrest; and one entry into a restricted area, court records show.

The judge allowed Dennis to remain at large until he was sentenced on April 13. On Friday, it was unclear how long he would face.

Robert Wayne Dennis filmed the fight with the police.
Robert Wayne Dennis filmed the fight with the police.(US Department of Justice)

Authorities said Dennis approached a line of Metropolitan cops who were struggling to keep the mob away from the Capitol. He pointed to them and “lay his hand” on one of the officers, court records show. According to the FBI, when the officer pushed him away with the baton, Dennis grabbed the baton.

Another officer also pushed him away, and Dennis then knocked the officer to the ground “after a fierce struggle,” records show. Authorities said Dennis stabbed a police officer during the fight.

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Dennis’s Facebook profile states that he is a senior art restorer for the Comic Book Restoration Service, which “provides restoration and reproduction of original comic book art.”

According to Facebook, he studied visual communication at Truman State University and art at Crowder College. The website linked to his Facebook account indicates that Dennis creates promotional graphics and designs, such as logos and signs, as well as original art and photographs.

“My experience in graphic art, as well as my knowledge of comics, allows me to take a less than desirable piece of original art and transform it… into a product that displays all the virtues that were originally intended to work. imagine,” the website says.

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