Garland Police Detective Detained by Dallas Police on Prostitution Charges

Dallas police said a Garland police detective was arrested this weekend on suspicion of prostitution and having an open container of alcohol in his truck while off duty.

Officer Walter Carter, 51, was cited early Saturday for allegations of manifesting the intent of prostitution as a customer and possessing an open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle, according to a Dallas police report obtained by Dallas Morning News.

Demonstrating the purpose of engaging in prostitution is an offense that carries a fine of up to $500. The quote is based on a controversial Dallas ordinance that allows the police to consider an offense if the person is a known prostitute; repeatedly calls others or tries to engage them in a conversation; or attempts to stop the vehicle by waving, calling out “or any other bodily gesture.”

This was stated by the representative of the Garland police Richard Maldonado. News The department launched an internal investigation, but Carter remains on active duty. According to Maldonado, his status may change based on the investigation.

Carter declined to comment by phone on Tuesday and referred questions to a lawyer. He was unable to provide the name or contact information of his lawyer.

The police have recently taken strong action against prostitution.

In addition, 46 men were arrested this month in a North Texas law enforcement prostitution case. Among those arrested in the case were a Flower Mound teacher and coach, a youth pastor, and the operations director of a major hospital chain. It was the second major commercial sex operation involving suburban North Texas in recent months. Police arrested 23 people after investigating short-term rentals in Plano and Dallas. Carter did not participate in any of the special operations.

Youth pastor and teacher among 46 arrested for prostitution in North Texas

According to Maldonado, Carter is a property crime detective and has been in the city for about 19 years. Carter was listed as a board member on the Garland Police Association website, but the union said in a written statement that he was no longer on the board. The association declined to comment on the allegations against him.

The citations were not available on municipal court records, but the Dallas police confirmed on Tuesday that the citations were active.

According to the report, Carter was pulled over by Dallas police around 1:40 a.m. near Shady Trail and Southwell Road after officers saw a woman in “provocative clothing” described as a pink dress and high heels enter from the passenger side of his vehicle. .

Garland man found guilty of assaulting officers during Capitol riot on January 6th.

Carter told police he went to see girls in miniskirts, the police report said. The woman, whose name is not indicated in the protocol, told the police that she was not engaged in prostitution. She said she called Carter, whom she called a friend, from a nearby Denny’s to give her a ride, but she could not give the phone number she called, according to the police report in the report.

The report says that officers saw a half-open bottle of beer in Carter’s car and found a gun. When they apprehended Carter, the police saw Garland’s police badge and demanded an observer.

Initially, Carter also faced a charge of illegal possession of a weapon, but a Dallas police prison sergeant told officers not to arrest Carter “unless it’s a DWI,” according to the report. The report states that Carter was not drunk. It is not clear why the officers did not arrest Carter on weapons charges.

According to the report, the justice of the peace “refused” to accept the charges, so the officer cited Carter for showing intent to prostitute as a buyer and for opening alcohol in the vehicle. Carter was not jailed.

Short-term rental fiasco: 23 people arrested for prostitution in Dallas and Plano

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