Get ahead of your New Year’s health goals with these new MasterClass courses.

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Now that 2023 has finally arrived, now is the perfect time to start focusing on your health and wellness through fitness trends, improving your sleep habits, or investing in new fitness products. MasterClass offers several classes to help, and plans start at just $15/month (billed annually) and give you access to over 180 courses.

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MasterClass is known for its insightful and inspiring classes taught by celebrities we have tested and enjoyed. Courses cover a variety of topics including cooking, music and sports, and wellness, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and more. Explore these new courses MasterClass has to offer to help you on your wellness journey this year.

1. Matthew Walker teaches The Science of Better Sleep.

Learn to improve your sleep habits in a masterclass by sleep expert Matthew Walker.

Developing healthy sleep habits is essential to maintaining good health. Matthew Walker is professor of neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley and director of the Human Sleep Research Center. As a sleep expert, his workshop teaches the science of sleep and how to use it to improve sleep habits. The Walker Course, which consists of 15 lessons over three hours, will help you learn all about sleep, including the effects of dreams and how alcohol and caffeine can affect our sleep.

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2. Joe Holder teaches Fundamentals of Fitness and Wellness.

Get in shape with a Masterclass by Coach Joe Holder.

Staying active is another great way to stay healthy, and fitness trainer Joe Holder has a master class focused on improving your physical health. As one of the most influential fitness and sports coaches, Holder takes a holistic approach to health, teaching how to maximize nutrition and increase mobility and strength through exercise. Holder also stresses the importance of listening to your body, recovering properly from a workout, and maintaining a positive mindset. The course consists of 12 lessons of two and a half hours.

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3. Jon Kabat-Zinn teaches Mindfulness and Meditation.

Learn the ins and outs of mindfulness in a masterclass by expert Jon Kabat-Zinn.

In this MasterClass course, Jon Kabat-Zinn teaches the intricacies of mindfulness and meditation. Kabat-Zinn has been studying and teaching mindfulness for over 40 years, and his workshop teaches how to develop mindfulness practice, reduce stress, and calm the mind through meditation and movement. The class is divided into 20 lessons and lasts over six hours.

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4. Michael Pollan teaches Intentional Eating.

Michael Pollan provides guidance on healthy eating in his MasterClass course.

AT The truth about your food, Michael Pollan analyzes the food industry, examining the meaning of food labels and the harm to the agricultural industry. Pollan has been studying the connections between people and the planet for over 30 years and has written several bestselling books on healthy eating. His masterclass includes five 3-hour courses and a 40-page downloadable guide with ethical food resources, assignments, and a more detailed description of Pollan’s culinary ethos.

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