GEUS plans to offer TV streaming

According to Alicia Hooks, CEO of Greenville Electric Utility System, among the initiatives GEUS wants to implement in 2023 is the launch of a new TV streaming application.

GEUS wants to compete in the same space as streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Along with the electrical division, GEUS also offers cable TV and Internet packages to approximately 5,000 customers in Greenville.

“We are seeing more and more customers moving to live streaming,” Hooks said. “We are currently working on developing a streaming application. This is something we have been working on for a couple of years now but there are a lot of legal questions to be answered because the telecommunications industry is also highly regulated and we need to find a supplier that we can trust and we can ensure that all the rules are followed . it’s a process that needs to be worked out.”

She said the GEUS streaming app would work just like Netflix.

“This is our future, this is what we are looking for in cable TV and the Internet,” she said.

In terms of the Internet, GEUS is also committed to offering even faster packages to keep up with advances in the industry.

“We know we have to stay fast and not be satisfied with where we are because expectations keep changing,” said Jimmy Dickey, GEUS Marketing and Key Account Manager.

In the electricity sector, GEUS is also working to complete the deployment of AMI (smart meter automatic reading), which GEUS has been working on for several years. AMI gives GEUS the ability to read customer service meter readings from a remote location, eliminating the need to send meter readers. Approximately half of its clients now use the AMI system.

Another initiative this year is the modernization of another of the nine GEUS substations. Utility has upgraded two in the past four years and is working on a third. The upgraded substation will cost approximately $12 million and have a lifespan of approximately 50 years.

Also in 2023, GEUS will work to improve customer service.

“This is one of the key features of the community system,” Hooks said. “You have to be available to customers when they have a problem.”

Unlike some utilities or telecommunications services, GEUS does not outsource customer service calls.

“We need to make sure we have the depth to respond when our customers have issues,” she said.

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