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Giant drug arrest at bus stop in Wise County, Texas


It seems like a lot of drug arrests start the same way, with a traffic stop. A few days ago, there was another really big drug arrest in Wise County, Texas.

As soon as the Wise County MP started talking to the driver of the white Toyota Tacoma, he knew something was wrong. It was clear that the driver was very nervous, and from that moment the situation only worsened.

The driver and passenger had different stories for MP

After separating the driver and passenger, the driver told the deputy that the passenger was his grandmother and that they were going to the funeral.

A Tacoma passenger told a police officer that her son was the driver and they were driving into Tennessee with a trailer full of furniture.

It was then that a K-9 officer was called to help with the stop.

The Deputy immediately realized that, having told two different stories, he was going to request help from a K-9 officer who was nearby. It took K-9 Benny and his handler just one quick pass to warn of a U-Haul trailer pulled by a Toyota Tacoma.

There were a lot of drugs inside the trailer, but no furniture.

After making their way inside the trailer, the officers found 31 carry boxes that were sealed. Inside those boxes were 840 pounds of vacuum marijuana, 242 pounds of candy bars made from hallucinogenic mushrooms, and 1,100 cartridges of THC. When sold on the streets, it would have brought in a total of $1.7 million.

Both suspects in the case were arrested on multiple drug possession charges, with bail set at $70,000 per suspect. I hope this helps more people understand that drug trafficking in Texas is NOT the best idea.

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