Girl Scouts are set to start their annual cookie sale on January 13th.

Whether you’re the Thin Mints type or you prefer peanut butter varieties, the local Girl Scouts have prepared a treat for you, and starting January 13th, they’ll be taking orders for their delicious treats.

According to local Girl Scout leaders, the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale is scheduled to run from January 13 to March 5. When the girls contact customers, they will have cookies in their hands, and they will also take orders for additional cookies, which will be delivered in a few days. The cookies cost $5 per box, and the proceeds from the sale will allow troops to purchase meeting materials and/or fund some special event.

There are eight varieties to choose from:

• Adventurers

• Toas T Yay!

• Lemonades

• Shamrocks

• Thin mints

• Peanut butter patties

• Sandwiches with peanut butter

• Caramel delicacies

The girls will bond with their neighbors. Anyone missed can contact Elizabeth at 806-935-4441 or 806-922-2509 or Joan at 935-5591 to place their orders.

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