Golden: If we expect to see Dak Prescott, then the Dallas Cowboys are doomed.

  • Prescott: “We played hard against a really good offense and it’s unacceptable for us to score only the points we have, and that starts with me.”
  • Jerry Jones: We have a dressing room full of sick players and coaches and hundreds of thousands of Cowboy fans who are also sick.
  • The Cowboys have won 12 consecutive seasons but have not played in a championship since the 1995 season.

Dak Prescott wasn’t good enough on Sunday night, and the Dallas Cowboys have to stew in the bitter juices of yet another playoff disappointment.

If that’s what we can expect in the upcoming seasons, then the Cowboys are in big trouble.

The San Francisco 49ers are a Super Bowl contender, but they would be home in the playoffs if Dallas got more from their quarterback. Instead, Prescott, who made $95 million over the last two seasons, lost to Mister Inappropriate. Third-line quarterback Brock Purdy made the most significant game for his team, played football without a loss and demonstrated the traction that should be in sight at this point in the season.

Duck is a nice guy, but the team can’t live off of courtesy and nice costumes. The Cowboys had to play, and Duck’s pockets were full of holes for most of the evening. You can’t blame coach Mike McCarthy for that, although owner Jerry Jones has to ask himself if the head coach can take this franchise to special places.

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