Good Samaritan saves Nevada officer after being shot in the leg during a gunfight


Newly released body camera footage shows tense moments as an armed suspect shoots police officer Reno multiple times and the Good Samaritans come to his aid.

The officers reacted to suspicious circumstances with possible shots in the Southridge apartments on the evening of 8 January.

The Good Samaritans came to the aid of police officer Reno, who was wounded in the leg in a shootout.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found a beaten man. The police cordoned off the apartment and determined that the two men who lived in the apartment, allegedly involved in the beating, were not at home at the time.

The police found several handguns in the apartment.

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Officers began to monitor the apartment when they spotted two men returning around 7:30 pm. The police requested additional assistance, but the two men quickly left the apartment armed with several pistols and immediately fled from the police.

The first officer, later identified as Sergeant Steve Mayfield, was chasing the suspects, asking them to stop when the suspect immediately began shooting at Mayfield.

The Good Samaritans came to the aid of police officer Reno, who was wounded in the leg in a shootout.

Mayfield was shot in the leg and quickly fell to the ground, alerting the controllers that he needed help. While on the ground, Mayfield continued to fire at the suspects. Another officer in the area also fired several shots at both men.


Several Good Samaritans from nearby apartments rushed to Mayfield’s aid. A fellow officer guarded the scene and begged anyone with a belt or tourniquet to apply to Mayfield’s left leg.

The Good Samaritans came to the aid of police officer Reno, who was wounded in the leg in a shootout.

Several bystanders helped Mayfield, who was lying in the snow, when the man came out with a belt to stop the bleeding. Other passers-by, one of whom was armed with a pistol, helped the police cover themselves and keep watch.

Mayfield was taken to a local hospital where he underwent several surgeries for gunshot wounds to his legs and abdomen.

“Obviously a civilian doesn’t often cover for a law enforcement officer during an active scene, I’ve been here for 11 years and can’t remember a previous instance, but we’re grateful he was able to bail out. to help an officer in need,” officer Stephen Greenley told Fox News Digital when asked about the armed citizen who provided cover.

“It worked great, the officer was able to alert the other officers so we didn’t have any friendly fire incidents and it worked out great. We at the police department respect everyone’s right to bear arms, and in this situation, it really turned out great that so many members of the community were ready to rise up to help a downed officer in a dangerous situation.


The suspect in the shooting, later identified as Scott Kennedy, died at the scene, and the second suspect, Jeremy Graham, suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

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