GOP Congressmen Demand Responses to Immigrant Parole

(Central Square) – A group of Republican US senators and members of the House of Representatives are demanding the Biden administration explain what they called a reckless decision to expand immigrant parole programs.

A letter sent to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas on Wednesday morning said the Biden administration continues to exacerbate the border crisis. The decision to expand programs was also called radical.

“Since the day they took office, President Biden and Secretary of State Majorcas have deliberately and maliciously undermined the security of our nation’s borders. They presided over the worst border crisis we’ve seen in decades and more illegal immigration than any other administration in recent history. Now they are seeking to circumvent Congress and the law by granting parole to hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants,” said Sen. JD Vance, Ohio.

Rep. Andy Biggs, Arizona, said Majorcas testified on the parole of an immigrant and is suing him on a case-by-case basis, but the congressman said he has seen evidence to support that testimony.

“Instead, his department is abusing parole powers to mass-release hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country. The department’s latest announcement shows that it will continue and even accelerate this abuse as parole grants increase by 33% from last month. It is not clear where the department has the legal authority to parole groups of this size and how this policy change improves border security. As usual, the department has some clarifications, and I’m grateful for Senator Vance’s partnership in this effort,” Biggs said.

letter said the Biden administration created the worst border crisis in U.S. history in the first year of Majorcas’ leadership and worsened in the administration’s second year. It states that the 30,000 monthly increase in parole under the policy will be 33% more than the total number of paroles since December.

“Following its own failure to effectively deal with the border crisis, the Biden administration also prohibited states from independently implementing policies to combat illegal immigration and limited the tools available to border officials,” the letter says. “This administration cannot continue the erosion of the southern border and the massive parole of migrants into our country. A secure country requires secure borders.”

In the letter, Mallorcas was asked to respond by 27 January.

The letter was also signed by Republican Senator Mike Brown of Indiana; Ted Budd of North Carolina; Bill Cassidy of Louisiana; Ted Cruz from Texas; Josh Hawley from Missouri; Ron Johnson from Wisconsin; Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming; Eric Schmitt of Missouri; and Rick Scott from Florida.

It was also signed by U.S. Republican Representatives Brian Babin, Beth Van Dyne, Michael Cloud, Lance Gooden, Ronnie Jackson, and Randy Weber of Texas; Jim Banks from Indiana; Dan Bishop from North Carolina; Lauren Bobert and Ken Buck from Colorado; Eric Burlison of Missouri; Eli Crane, Debbie Lesko and Paul Gosar of Arizona; Warren Davidson of Ohio; Matt Goetz from Florida; Marjorie Taylor Green from Georgia; Diana Harshbarger and Andy Ogles of Tennessee; Tom McClintock from California; Ralph Norman from South Carolina; Matt Rosendale from Montana; and Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin.

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