Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick team up at inauguration as they begin their third term

Gov. Greg Abbott was sworn into office for a third term on Tuesday, reaffirming his campaign promises to cut property taxes and secure the US-Mexico border, statements closely linked to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Speaking at the joint inauguration ceremony at the Capitol, Abbott and Patrick primarily focused on the state’s economic health, which is better than ever since they took office together in 2015. lawmakers have an additional $33 billion to spend from the surplus in the latest budget cycle.

Patrick, who provided more details than Abbott about his legislative goals, said he wants to increase the state’s homestead tax exemption to $70,000 from $40,000, a more ambitious amount than he had previously proposed. He also doubled down on calls to help law enforcement in rural areas and threatened college professors who are committed to teaching critical race theory.

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