Gov. Greg Abbott meets Biden at the border and hands over letter

EL PASO, Texas. Governor Greg Abbott personally delivered a border security letter to President Joe Biden during his visit to the US-Mexico border on Sunday.

During Biden’s first-ever presidential visit to the US-Mexico border on January 8, Governor Abbott met him on the runway at El Paso International Airport to hand him a letter detailing the “chaos” caused by Biden’s “failure.” to enforce the immigration laws passed by Congress.”

Abbott, in a letter, provided Biden with five guidelines on how to improve the “out of control immigration crisis.” The five actions in the letter are:

After the letter, Abbott detailed what he was able to do during the “inaction of the federal government”, including launching Operation Lone Star, signing human trafficking laws, prosecuting smugglers, stepping up prosecution of those who bring or manufacture fentanyl in Texas and provide $4 billion in border security funding throughout Texas.

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