Governor Abbott delivers a letter to President Biden after landing in El Paso

EL PASO — Gov. Greg Abbott personally delivered a letter to President Joe Biden after he arrived in El Paso Sunday afternoon urging him to take steps to secure the border.

The Governor delivered the letter to the President after welcoming him to the airfield at El Paso International Airport. This visit is the first trip of the President to the border since he was sworn in almost two years ago.

In the letter, Abbott detailed a list of actions that could be taken immediately to secure the border and help restore the immigration crisis, his office said in a press release. You can Read the Governor’s letter here.

After the letter was delivered to President, Abbott was asked to share the details of the exchange. He said the president was cordial to him.

“He said he wanted to work with us on it… He was cordial,” Abbott said.

The Governor was then asked about his position on Biden’s recent announcement of a new migrant parole process.

The new parole process, announced Sunday, includes waiving Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans and Haitians who illegally cross the border into Mexico.

Instead of this Department of Homeland Security will receive 30,000 people from these four countries per month and offer them the opportunity to work legally.

“These changes are likely to only lead to an increase in illegal immigration. You must implement the policy outlined in my letter to stop illegal immigration and start the process he wants to work on,” Abbott said.

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