Governor Sanders Issues Executive Order on Emergency Support Functions


LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (KNWA/KFTA) — Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has issued an executive order to protect the people and infrastructure of Arkansas during a man-made or natural disaster.

The order, signed Jan. 24, directs the director of the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management to lead the state’s emergency and disaster operations while coordinating the activities of all non-state agencies, departments, and/or organizations involved in state emergency management.

The order would be an Arkansas Comprehensive Contingency Plan that would be “mandatory to all departments, commissions, boards, agencies, organizations, and employees of the State of Arkansas, political divisions of the State of Arkansas, authorized or authorized to provide homeland security and emergency management operations” .

The text of the order says that the director will control the activation and execution of the plan, as well as determine when it is completed or deactivated. The same applies to the State Emergency Operational Headquarters.

The order lists 16 emergency support agencies and departments that are covered by the order, and notes that the department heads of each will appoint both an emergency coordinator and a deputy. These ESF leaders will then present the implementation procedures to the director.

Each division and department will be staffed for training, drills and emergencies at the request of the director. The order notes that the state has also adopted the National Incident Management System in accordance with the presidential directive on internal security.

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