Governor Sanders spoke out against Biden on Fox News this morning.

In his ongoing campaign to gain national attention, which hints at political ambitions outside of Arkansas, Gov. Sarah Sanders appeared on Fox News this morning to criticize President Biden and fabricate a revisionist Trumpland story.

Forever Trump’s protector, even though her allegiance seems to be shifting to that other man from Florida, Ron DeSantisSanders said her tenure as a White House spokeswoman was nothing compared to what the poor Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre against now as Biden faces questions after he spoke about classified documents found in his possession.

Finger pointing has always been one of her strong skills, so Sanders naturally sided with other Trump apologists who equate the Mar-a-Lago raid, which unearthed a trove of classified documents that Trump had repeatedly refused to hand over, with what seemed would, Biden’s accidental possession of classified documents. documents that he handed over like a hot potato as soon as he realized he had them.

Today we got to know the former Vice President Mike Pence also got into the network of secret documents. He and his lawyers have come forward with a dozen classified documents found at Pence’s Indiana home, CNN reports.

Sanders hinted that something sinister was going on and that Jean-Pierre was shying away from the truth.

I wish I had answers, but to be honest, she there is a terrible story to tell. The difference is that when I was in the Trump administration, we had a story to tell. The economy flourished. Our country was safer. Our border was more secure. Positive things happened. She has nothing to talk about, and this makes her job infinitely more difficult.

You can see it in action here.

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