Grimes County court sentences man to 18 years in prison for road rage

ANDERSON, TX (KBTX) — A Grimes County man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison after a 2021 road rage incident that traumatized his family, prosecutors said.

“I hope the jail sentence in this case sends a clear message that this kind of road rage committed in Grimes County will have severe consequences,” said Assistant District Attorney Meaghan Callaham.

Blake John Arrington was arrested in July 2021 and found guilty last year of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangering a child. Prosecutors said he initiated random road rage against a mother with three young children in a car on Highway 39. During the trial, he tried to run her car off the road several times, and at one point he stopped his car in the middle. the roadway and tried to reverse into the car of the victim. He also tried to crash into her car. He was only stopped because the victim’s husband, who was in another car, crashed into Arrington’s car.

The verdict was handed down on Monday by Judge Suzanne Brooks, who heard evidence from multiple witnesses, including a therapist who treated the child victims of the case and victims of Arrington’s newly discovered traffic accident in April 2021.

“The actions of the defendant in this case are appalling. The victims were injured and felt harassed as they tried to peacefully drive home,” the prosecutor’s office said.

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