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“Hellfish”: creature “straight from the depths of hell” found on Crystal Beach

A woman walking on the beach posted a photo on the Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook page and the comments were hilarious!

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas. A woman collecting shells at Crystal Beach along the Bolívar Peninsula earlier this month also noticed something unexpected.

The dead creature with sharp teeth was pretty creepy, but Suzanne Coat Arceno was curious to know what it was, so she shared the photo on Facebook.

“I found a strange fish,” Suzanne Shoat Arceno wrote on the Bolivar Beachcombers page. “Can anyone tell me what it is?”

Comments are fun!

“This is a fish straight from the depths of hell,” joked Jennifer Raimundo.

“It’s a hell of a fish if I’ve ever seen one!” Dana Bennett Peavy said.

Another woman called it “my next nightmare.”

Other commentators have referred to the films.

“I think I saw one of [them] many years ago…. I think it was because of the aftershocks,” joked Jason Howard.

“This is the sandworm from Beetlejuice,” Melanie Vanderford wrote.

“STRANGER. Stay away from capsules,” said Sharon Kay.

Several commenters said it was an eel, and it turns out they were right. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Mark Fisher, TWPD Scientific Director for Coastal Fisheries, said San Antonio Express News what he thinks it is acne. The creature is “quite common” in Galveston Bay, Fisher says, but it usually hides in burrows so most people never see them.

According to the Smithsonian Institution, they are also called spoon-nosed eels, and they can reach almost 6 feet in length. Now it’s scary!

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