Henderson police report several car break-ins overnight; stolen firearms, money, electronics | Kentucky


The Henderson Police Department is investigating a series of car break-ins that took place overnight in the northern part of Henderson.

Since midnight Monday, they have received 10 phone calls with reports of theft from the Hills and Wolf Hills neighborhoods near Bridges Golf Course, according to police.

Some of the missing items include money, identification documents, computers, other electronic devices, tools, and even firearms.

Police say some of the victims reported a group of 3-5 people walking around the area from midnight to 5am.

Henderson police say they receive car break-in calls almost daily, but ten calls from the same area is not normal.

According to Detective Robert Gipson, “That’s why we’re asking these areas, even if you’re unaffected during these hours, can you check your security systems and check your security cameras. They might have parked somewhere or walked somewhere, and you may have caught a glimpse of them parking their car, so we also know what kind of car they drive.”

The Henderson Police Department would like to remind everyone to remember to lock their doors and not to leave valuables or firearms in their vehicles.

Anyone with information or a possible video is asked to contact Henderson Police or Crime Stoppers at 270-831-1111.

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