‘Here is huge’ | Crayfish season is officially open in Houston

Don’t be surprised if the price of crayfish goes up a little this year.

HOUSTON, Texas. Crayfish lovers, get your scissors ready! Crayfish season has officially begun in Houston.

At several points, they have already begun to cook your favorite crustacean.

“It’s refreshing when you come to Houston and find crayfish that are actually really good,” crayfish lover Britney Jordan said.

The Cancers were born and raised in Louisiana, but the Houstonians quickly took them over.

“Perhaps as many crayfish are eaten per person in Houston as in Lafayette. I mean, it’s just huge here,” said Dan Mo, co-owner of Crawfish Shack at Crosby.

Lotus Seafood is on the second day of mud bugs in their places.

“I think the aroma, the taste, it’s the taste of little lobsters,” said Lotus Seafood General Manager Jason Lee. will start collecting a lot of crayfish and start distributing them.”

Crawfish Shack only opens during crayfish season. For them, it’s in a few days, and they will start working only on the road.

“The first day of the race is always insanely busy. They start lining up a few hours early,” Mo said.

This season the shack had to open a little later than last year.

“The number was just not up to par,” Mo said.

“During Christmas we had a severe frost that slowed things down,” said Mark Shirley, crustacean specialist at LSU AgCenter. is growing.”

Shirley said that while the mud bugs may be smaller now, they will continue to grow. But the cost this year may be higher.

“Don’t bark too much if you see that prices have gone up from last year. This is all because production costs have increased slightly,” Shirley said.

Both Lotus Seafood and Crawfish Shack say they have had to raise prices this year but hope they can bring them down as the season progresses.

Lotus Seafood has risen from $8/lb in 2022 to $10/lb in 2023. Crawfish Shack has risen from $7.95 per pound in 2022 to $8.95 per pound in 2023.

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