Houston couple claim Lyft driver got naked and peed in yard while picking up wife

“She was trembling, crying to herself and saying: “Baby… what if I jumped into the car with him?”

HOUSTON. A Houston woman who booked a taxi to get to work said she was horrified when her Lyft driver stripped naked, played basketball half-naked, and then urinated in front of her.

The entire incident was recorded on a nearby surveillance camera.

Daniel Velasco’s wife, who asked not to be named, booked a Lyft just before 9 a.m. Friday. However, when the driver stopped and she went out to meet him, it became scary.

The video shows the driver getting a basketball out of the car. He then started shooting hoops in a neighbor’s driveway. Over the next few minutes, you hear the man cursing before his shorts drop to reveal his genitals as he continues to play basketball.

At one point, a man is seen urinating on the road, and Velasco spoke of himself as well. The driver is then seen returning to his car, taking off his shorts and changing into a new pair.

Velasco’s wife, seeing all this, ran home to warn her husband.

“She breaks in and says, “Baby! I’m afraid!” Velasco said. “She was trembling, crying to herself and saying: “Baby… what if I jumped into the car with him?”

Velasco said he went outside with a gun and told the man to leave. The driver could then be heard in the video repeatedly asking Velasco, “Do you want to cancel your trip?”

Velasco said he and his wife contacted Lyft immediately and after several messaging, they learned that his wife’s account had been deleted because the driver reported he was threatened with a gun. After further investigation, Lyft found out what really happened and fired the driver. Velasco’s wife’s account has been reactivated.

“Safety is fundamental to Lyft and the behavior described is of concern. Following an investigation, we have permanently removed the driver account from the Lyft platform,” Lyft said in a statement to KHOU 11.

However, Velasco and his wife still had to pay for this unused ride and said the neighbor’s basketball hoop had been broken by the driver. They would like Lyft to pay for the repairs.

“Lyft needs to fix this,” Velasco said.

They are glad that they no longer have to deal with this particular driver.

“A man should no longer be a driver. I mean, I don’t wish jail or harm on anyone. It’s just… the person needs help.

Lyft says their policy is as follows when a customer or driver makes a complaint:

As soon as a safety incident is reported to us, it is our policy to contact the rider or driver immediately to offer assistance.

Both passengers and drivers can report incidents to our dedicated security team, available through our 24/7 emergency response line, so we can take action, including investigating, removing users from our platform, and cooperating with law enforcement when necessary to help keep our the community is safe.

The Houston Police Department is investigating the incident as an indecent exposure.

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