Houston Disaster Relief Team Plans To Send Resources To California After Deadly Storms

Houstonians know all too well the grief that many Californians now face.

HOUSTON, Texas. At least 18 people have died as a result of catastrophic storms that have been raging in California for several weeks and lead to landslides, sinkholes and raging floods.

Houstonians know all too well the grief that many Californians now face.

In just the past two weeks, much of California has received up to 600% of normal rainfall, resulting in deadly and devastating flooding.

Montecito, the home of many celebrities, including Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey, has been ordered to evacuate, but some, like Ellen DeGeneres, are sheltering in place.

Watching from afar is not easy for Houstonians, because five years ago they faced a similar nightmare.

“I think when it comes to life, and we experienced it, went through it and know what I needed at that moment, that I can give it to someone else – it’s just very nice,” said the volunteer coordinator. NACC Disaster Services Liliana Lopez. .

Several feet of water entered Lopez’s home during Hurricane Harvey, and she now works as a volunteer coordinator for the NACC’s Houston Disaster Relief Services. The organization is ready to ship supplies and resources to California.

The nonprofit said it is coordinating with California emergency workers to find out what they need. They plan to send a semi-trailer with cleaning products and are ready to deploy their mobile kitchen and showers if needed.

“The whole team, there is a cooking team, there is a disaster response team, and we are all sent on a business trip. We take everything with us,” Lopez said.

Lopez said she, too, would pack up and head west, hoping to help someone pick up the pieces Mother Nature left behind.

“Just grab whatever you need at the moment, while we’re at it,” Lopez said.

The NACC said it was ready to send the shipments on Thursday, but not quite ready to receive them, according to California emergency chiefs. The nonprofit hopes to ship them early next week.

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