Houston leaders gather to protest SB 147

It’s just a bad count. I don’t care how they sugarcoat it, it’s still a bad score,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said after attending the protest.

HOUSTON — Dozens of city leaders and members of the Houston community gathered at City Hall Monday to protest Senate Bill 147.

This proposed new law would bar governments, businesses, and citizens from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia from buying property in Texas.

“I don’t care who you are, Republican, Democrat, where you come from. It’s just bad bill. Sylvester Turner after attending a protest.

“I’m joined by a group that looks like Houston and looks like Texas and represents just about every religious group, every community, that’s our fight,” said State Representative Jin Woo, who also attended the protest.

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This will affect people like Nilufar Khafzi, who was born in the US but also holds Iranian citizenship.

“I don’t have to choose between being able to visit my family, having this citizenship, and being able to have property rights here,” Khafzi said.

Many fear that this bill will lead to more racism.

“For anyone who can look like they’re from these countries, they’re walking around with a target on their head,” Turner said. “This is not the America we want. It feeds racism and discrimination.”

The impact on the economy is also a concern.

“China is a major trading partner for the city of Houston and the state of Texas,” Turner said. “We tell these companies all the time that Texas is open for business.”

That’s why this rally in Houston hopes to send a signal to state officials that these Houston leaders will not support this bill.

“I’d like to say to Senator Colkhorst and the Governor, if you keep saying Texas is open for business, why are you putting a sign on the door?” Turner said.

The Republican senator from New Braunfels introduced another bill on Monday that would prevent individuals and companies from buying or renting farmland in Texas.

You can read more about this new bill here.

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