Houston rapper Trae the Truth charged with assault in fight with Z-Ro

Houston rapper and social activist Trae the Truth has been released from custody after being charged with assault with bodily harm on Tuesday in connection with an August fight with fellow Houston artist Z-Ro. The misdemeanor charge came after video footage showed the two fighting in a downtown parking lot over the weekend of a 50 Cent’s Tycoon Weekend event last summer.

After the fight, Trey Truth, whose real name is 42-year-old Frazier Othel Thompson, went live on Instagram to deny any hatred towards Z-Ro, whose real name is 45-year-old Joseph McVie. Truth hits Z-Ro repeatedly while he lies on the ground, covering his head. Later in the video, Z-Ro stands up ready to fight while the cops get in between both men to stop the confrontation.

According to court documents released by the Houston Chronicle, the rappers offered differing views on exactly what happened that night.

Z-Ro claims he was ambushed by Trey Truth while walking to his car after taking a photo with fans at a Houston restaurant on Jefferson Street. Specifically, Z-Ro said he was hit hard after asking to speak to Trae the Truth. According to the complaint, Z-Ro claims that the rest of the Trae the Truth team attacked him after being hit and also stole his jewelry while he was lying on the ground.

The released footage also shows how the team that accompanied Trey Istinu threatened Z-Ro.

During an Instagram live stream in late August, Trae the Truth denied rumors that he jumped Z-Ro and said the confrontation was based on “family business, internal stuff that went on for 10 to 15 years.”

In a video posted early Friday morning to the @worldstar Instagram account, Trey Trut is seen turning himself in to Harris County authorities after being charged with assault and alleged theft of Z-Ro’s jewelry.

This is an evolving story.

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