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How Austin shoppers save money on groceries with the app

Austin (KXAN) “Many people are struggling to feed their families as food prices remain at wallet level.

U.S. prices have jumped more than 11% since last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With this in mind, some buyers are turning to meal planning services as a solution.

When it comes time to shop at HEB, Austin resident Elle Garrison uses eMeals.

“Everything has gone up in price and it helps me stay on budget,” she said.

The planning app makes it easy to prepare healthy homemade meals with weekly recipes and a grocery list, and helps you buy in bulk without overpaying.

“I used to be a queen, buying things I don’t need,” Garrison said. “Then I would throw them away because I had no reason to use them.”

An annual subscription to eMeals costs $4.99 per month.

According to his website, his customers save an average of $2,000 a year on food.

“A lot of overspending at the grocery store is due to not having a plan,” said eMeals-listed nutritionist Rachel West.

She also added that her followers are spending more and more time cooking in the kitchen.

“We found that our users cook about five meals per week, while the national average is three meals,” West said. “It’s going to be a cost savings right here.”

For Garrison, eMeals benefited her wallet and well-being.

“This app has literally changed my life because I don’t buy things I don’t need, I don’t buy things I don’t need,” she concluded.

To save buyers time, eMeals also offers pickup or home delivery.

To try eMeals for free for 14 days, click here.

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