How gas prices have changed in Kentucky over the past week


(STACKER) – Americans are seeing prices at gas stations that are very similar – if not cheaper – to what they were at the same time a year ago, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to AAA Gas Price Data, a gallon of gas averaged $3.35 this week. Stucker collected statistics on gas prices in Kentucky. Gas prices are as of 20 January.

Gas prices have been declining in every state as a whole since June 2022, when they peaked at an average of around $5. Analysts expect prices may remain lower until spring break or the reopening of China due to Covid-19, which will boost travel demand.

“Oil prices rose slightly, ending last week at almost $80 a barrel, as demand in China starts to pick up as expected, but with Covid cases and deaths in China also on the rise, the surge in demand may not be long-lived.” . ,” GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan said in a statement.

Kentucky in numbers

– Current gas price: $3.15 – Weekly change: +0.18 USD (+6.0%) – Change yearly: +0.17 USD (+5.8%) – Historical expensive gas price: $4.80 (6/11/22)

– Current diesel price: $4.45 – Weekly change: -0.05 USD (-1.1%) – Yearly change: +1.05 USD (+31.1%) – Historical price for expensive diesel: $5.85 (6/20/22)

Metro with the most expensive gas in Kentucky

No. 1. Covington: $3.31 #2. Huntington Ashland (Kentucky only): $3.29 #3. Lexington: $3.17 #4. Bowling Green: $3.16#5. Elizabethtown-Fort Knox: $3.13 #6. Hopkinsville: $3.11 #7. Louisville (Kentucky only): $3.11 #8. Owensboro: $3.08#9. Henderson: $3.

States with the most expensive gas

No. 1. Hawaii: $4.96 #2. California: $4.43 #3. Washington: $4.04.

States with the cheapest gas

No. 1. Texas: $3 #2. Mississippi: $3.01 #3. Kansas: $3.04.

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