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How to develop healthier eating habits in 2023

HOUSTON (CW39) – Let’s be honest, we could all use a little help to get our eating habits in order, especially after the holiday season. Just like exercising more, healthy eating also tops the list of resolutions in 2023.

Joining me today is Cali Valdez, a licensed dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition! She knows everything about how best to feed herself, her family. Kali specializes in obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, malnutrition, enteral and parenteral nutrition, nutrition education, and infant nutrition.

Do you want to lose weight and still enjoy life? She covered you in this too!

Oh Cali

Transparency is something you’ll discover as you look through the Instagram posts and Tiktok videos Kaley shares with her clients and followers. She talks about her personal health journey, the wild ride that motherhood can be. She reminds us that we are not alone. Your daily plans, diet, exercise regime, etc. NOT always perfect. Life happens.

As much as we want to, we cannot control everything. So why not focus on the things we CAN control? For example, making healthy meals available to you and your family by thinking about what to eat for breakfast or putting in your child’s lunch box.

Interview with Kali Valdez

What would you say to someone who said I don’t even know where to start…how do I start developing healthy habits?

I am a baby mom to a wild 2 year old, weight loss nutritionist and I have Texas Women’s Nutrition Masters, my husband and I dedicate my life and passion to nutrition, we even have a local supplement store, Nutrition Depot Pasadena. I started a weight loss program after losing 40 pounds postpartum. I wanted to show women that they can still lose weight and enjoy life. It’s important to include your favorite foods on this journey and enjoy the process.

What should listeners do to lose weight and not gain weight this year?

Well, I would definitely advise them to start small and face themselves where you are right now. So let’s say you never cook. I wouldn’t ask you to start cooking every single day, it’s too unrealistic. Start by preparing dinners for the week or preparing snacks. And an easy way to get started is to set up your environment in a way that is easy to stick to and not unrealistic and difficult for you. If something is really difficult, we are not going to do it or stick with it. So when I talk about setting up the environment, grab fruits and vegetables lightly. I tell my clients to take them out of the plastic container and put them in easily accessible Tupperware. And also remember that frozen and canned foods are great for weight loss! Add some frozen vegetables to leftover chicken and microwaveable rice and you have a complete, balanced meal in less than 10 minutes! When you set up your environment to be lightweight, you are more likely to stick with it! So remember: start small, set realistic goals, and create an environment that makes it easy to make healthier decisions.

Do you need supplements to lose weight or gain strength?

First follow me on Instagram where I post tons of tips, tricks and fun recipes! Second, my clients pair protein and foods with every meal and snack. Ask yourself how you can add more to your meals! Add more protein, more foods to keep you full longer. I love Mexican food and I love cheesy enchiladas, but now I’m replacing rice and beans with grilled vegetables so I still get that balance, including my favorite foods! I also draw the attention of my clients to protein! If you’re always hungry, snacking, and can’t control your sugar cravings, a high protein breakfast is key here! That’s why I say 20-30 grams of protein for breakfast and I know as a busy mom how hard it can be, that’s why I love protein powder and supplements! It’s so easy to take and go for breakfast, pair it with a hearty fruit like an apple or pear and you’re on your doorstep!

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