Hundreds of residents lost their homes after a tornado destroyed the SE Houston apartment complex.

HOUSTON. The Beamer Place apartments are just one of several buildings destroyed by the EF3 tornado that hit southeast Houston on Tuesday.

Houston city government went to look around An environment where hundreds of families are now homeless because they were told it wasn’t safe for them.

“I had firefighters trying to help me pack the box and find the cats,” one resident said. “I had two other cats hiding behind the fridge and we’re just trying to save things and just trying to get through and take my life.”

An aerial view of the apartment complex shows that much of the structure collapsed during the tornado. Debris was found all over the ground, most of which destroyed cars in the parking lot.

“We are blessed when you look at the destruction,” said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.

The police escort residents for medicines, clothing and pets. Guillermo Garcia, aged 9, was reunited with his five hamsters whom he left.

The next question for these residents is where are we going next?

“What will happen next? We can only sleep so long in the shelter,” said Sherita East. “After that, what do you do.”

According to the residents, they do not receive many responses from the management of the residential complex.

“We all live paycheck to paycheck,” said Rebecca Smith. “It’s very hard. I just lost my mom. It’s very hard. And then the owners act like they don’t care. We have questions and you must give us answers.”

The landlady told HOW 11 that if the apartment was found to be uninhabitable, she would terminate the lease and return the security deposit to the tenants. Now everything is up in the air, because the power crews are still trying to restore electricity.

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