‘I Hope to Get Justice’: Meet One of the New Bexar County Criminal Court Judges

SAN ANTONIO – New and re-elected Bexar County judges have been sworn in and will start serving this week.

One such judge is Christina Escalona, ​​who is familiar with the Cadena-Reeves Justice Center.

After graduating from St. Mary’s School of Law, Escalona began working in the District Attorney’s office. Then, in 2009, she moved from prosecution to criminal defense attorney.

“After this experience, my eyes were opened,” Escalona said. “It made me a better person and a better lawyer, and then I took advantage of that experience and returned to the DA’s office in 2015.”

Escalona worked there as a prosecutor, but decided to try his hand at a new role: a district court judge for criminal cases.

“Once I realized and saw the role that a judge can play, you know, when someone is standing right in front of them, looking into their eyes and having such an impact on their life and the life of the community that I was born and raised in what it is it just quickly became what I wanted to do and it quickly became my goal and dream,” Escalona said.

According to her, this dream was inspired by her parents, who at times worked several jobs to give Escalona and her brothers the best possible education.

“I have always seen what hard work can accomplish and what my parents can achieve,” Escalona said.

And with tears and pride in their eyes, her parents stood by Judge Escalona as she was sworn in as the new judge of the 186th Criminal Court this week.

Now she’s ready for the hard work to get started.

“What I hope to achieve in 186TH is… I hope to get justice.”

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