#ICYMI: Body Found, Possibly Houston’s Missing Mother, Residents Upset Conroe Shooting Range, Montrose Water Pipe Burst

HOUSTON (KIAH) – Here’s what you missed on the eyewitness news at 9 o’clock here on CW39 Houston.

Body found, possibly linked to missing mother

A body found in Sunnyside on Wednesday could be linked to the disappearance of a missing mother of five.

Houston parks officials found the body in a wooded area near Wilmington.

Police have not confirmed that the remains belong to Leslie Obie, but her family showed up at the scene and were visibly confused.

We know someone was being interrogated in the Obi disappearance case.

Residents near Konro training ground upset by stray bullets

People living near the Konro firing range say they fear they will be shot after bullets hit their yards and cars.

Neighbors believe that the bullets are flying from the “Thunder Range”. They filed complaints, but officials say the problem is to prove it.

The range owner spoke to ABC13 on the phone but did not answer questions.

Water main burst causes problems in Montrose

Damaged plumbing continues to spew water all over Cherryhurst in Montrose.

Neighbors say it was a problem after a hard frost last month, but no one has tried to fix it.

They tell us that they have sent requests for 3-1-1 services but have not received a response.

Elon Musk portrayed as liar and seer in Tesla tweet trial

Elon Musk has been portrayed in the San Francisco courtroom as a liar who callously jeopardized the savings of “ordinary people” and as a visionary with good intentions.

The descriptions appeared on Wednesday in opening statements at a Tesla buyout lawsuit that never happened. Lawyers on opposite sides have painted wildly different portraits of Musk for the nine-member jury that will hear a three-week trial.

The case centers on two tweets in August 2018 that the billionaire posted on the Twitter service he now owns. The tweets indicated that Musk had arranged funding for Tesla’s privatization at a time when the automaker’s shares were falling due to production problems.

Man gets 60 years in prison for killing Fort Worth officer

Prosecutors say the man was sentenced to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to the fatal 2018 murder of a Fort Worth police officer.

Samuel Mayfield, 37, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of murdering Garrett Hull, an officer who was promoted to corporal after his death. Tarrant County prosecutors say Mayfield did not shoot Hull, but he was one of three men pursued by police after the bar was robbed when Hull was killed.

Prosecutors allege Dación Stepto opened fire on the police, killing Hull. Another officer then fatally shot Steptoe. Two other men, Mayfield and Timothy Huff, were arrested and charged with Hull’s death.

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