Inauguration of the Governor of Texas, Lieutenant Governor

Austin (Nexstar) — Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick were sworn into office Tuesday morning for their third term in office as part of a series of celebrations that took place throughout the day.

In his inaugural address, Abbott touted Texas’ pro-business stance and unveiled some plans for the largest state budget surplus in Texas history.

“We will use this budget surplus to secure the largest property tax cut in Texas history,” he said Tuesday.

Abbott’s third term comes after a decisive victory over Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in the 2022 midterm elections by 11 points. The Republican has been primarily involved in strengthening border security, public safety, and criticizing President Joe Biden regarding the economy and inflation.

Abbott’s speech also touched on supporting the police, ending the “easy bail policy” and strengthening the border against those who cross the border and those who bring drugs into Texas.

While the governor’s inaugural address touched on similar issues, it differs markedly from the address to the state. Tuesday’s ceremonies were largely celebratory—with an emphasis on pomposity and inauguration circumstances filled with live music, bipartisanship, and the pride of the Lone Star State.

Patrick also took the oath. He quickly defeated his rival, Democratic businessman Mike Collier, in the election to one of the most powerful positions in Texas politics by a double-digit margin. Patrick, who presides over the Senate, has a great influence on the policies of the Texas legislature.

The inaugural celebrations began on Monday with a Catholic Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city centre. The Tuesday celebration at Christ Church on University Avenue began with a prayer service at 9:00 am. The festivities will include lunch with vendors from across the state, with tents called “Taste of Texas” on the Capitol grounds.

The Lone Star State has no term limits.

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