Indiana man arrested after seeing 4-year-old with a gun live on TV

Police said the child was holding a loaded gun in the hallway of the apartment. Neighbors said the boy was waving it and even pulling the trigger.

Beach Grove, Indiana. Over the weekend, a video shocked people across the country: a small child, caught on camera, playing with a loaded gun.

Now we’re learning more from the police and neighbors about the dangerous discovery that led to my father’s live arrest.

Officers arrested Shane Osbourne, 45, on Saturday night at the Beach Meadow Apartments, located in Diplomat Court near Churchman and Emerson Avenues in Beech Grove.

During the police investigation that night, viewers across the country saw disturbing real-time images of the little boy because Beach Grove Police are featured on a show called “On Patrol: Live” that airs on REELZ.

A neighbor’s doorbell camera showed a 4-year-old baby in a diaper playing with a loaded gun.

He saw how he brandished weapons and even pulled the trigger.

“It’s almost incomprehensible what you’re watching,” Bee Grove Police Deputy Chief Robert Mercury said. “I saw it the next day and even though I knew the result when I watched the video, I was still scared. You take your breath away. I don’t know how you can’t watch this video, parent or non-parent, and don’t be shocked or disturbed.”

“Watching this video, oooh, you can’t, you can’t unsee it,” neighbor Nicole Summers said. “He just kept going, ‘Pow, pow, pow, pow.’

Summers called 911 and on Saturday evening called the police to the Beech Meadow apartment.

She said that a little boy came to their door and pointed a gun at her son.

Then she saw the gun too.

“My son, he opened the door and then he closed it and backed up and he was like, ‘Uh… kid with a gun. Get out of here, get out of here!” Then I looked through the peephole. He (the child) was standing in the middle of the corridor and he sort of held him behind his back and I thought … like this is a real gun. I sell guns for money, so I know what a weapon looks like.

What happened next was played live.

The Beach Grove Police documentary series “On Patrol: Live” was shown as the officers confronted the child’s father.

Osborne told police he was ill and asleep when his son came out. He denied that he had a weapon in his house, saying that he had previously committed criminal offenses.

Later, after a search, law enforcement officers found a weapon in the back of a table with a hinged lid.

They say there were 15 rounds in the magazine. Fortunately, there is no one in the hall.

The police arrested Osborne on charges of child neglect. The police also thank the neighbors for taking action and speaking out.

“That was key,” Mercury said, “because you have this immediate video, you step forward to be involved, to be helpful, then the officers on the scene can do the work that everyone wants them to do.”

Neighbors say they just needed help after watching in horror as this little kid brandished a weapon.

“He sort of looked down right off the stairs and said, ‘Look what I have. Ha ha,” Summers said, “and then when we saw the video of him pulling the trigger and knowing that… he pointed that… gun at my son? It was traumatic.”

And it was a dangerous discovery that, according to the police and neighbors, could have ended much worse.

“We were lucky to see him, to find him, and we were so happy that the gun had no chamber,” Summers said, “otherwise this child could be dead.”

The baby’s father, Osborne, is due to appear in court on Tuesday on negligence charges. Police say that since he is a felon, there is a possibility that he could face new charges.

DCS is also investigating the case.

The child is now with his mother. 13News spoke to her by phone on Monday.

She told us that the video of her son with a gun was intimidating, but she also defended Osbourne, saying he was a good father.

Beach Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley released the following statement on Monday:

“I received a notice from our chief of police shortly after this incident took place.

Like all of you, I am saddened by what happened and I am so grateful that no one was hurt, especially a small child.

I appreciate the swift action taken by the Beach Grove Police Department to keep the young child and the gun in question safe.

I ask that the Marion County Attorney’s Office work tirelessly to bring charges against the guilty and return a guilty verdict with the maximum penalty. Society should not accept anything less.”

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