Influenza in Texas continues to decline, but is still in a very high category

TEXAS (KIAH) – The positivity rate has dropped nearly 2.91 percent in 52 weeks, according to the Texas Flu Watch Report. It is just above 10.33 percent, which is still in the very high category according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria. .

Outbreaks increased by 1 last week. This was reported in North Central Texas at a medical facility.

The state has recorded two thousand three hundred and fifty-nine deaths in the current flu season.

Texas flu and influenza-like illnesses
Observation Component
previous week
A week
A week
Statewide ILINet activity indicator assigned
according to CDC (Influenza-Like Illness Intensity)
Remained the same Very high Very high
Percentage of samples positive for
flu by hospital laboratories
▼2.91% 10.33% 13.24% 1
Percentage of visits due to ILI (ILINEt) ▼0.20% 6.53% 6.73% four
Number of regions reporting
increased influenza/ILI activity
Remained the same four four 6
Number of regions reporting
reduced influenza/ILI activity
▲2 four 2 6
Number of variants/new influenza viruses
Without changes 0 0 6
Number of ILI/flu outbreaks Decreased 1 3 6
Number of deaths from childhood influenza Decreased 0 2 7
Summary of Texas Influenza (Influenza) and Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Activity as of January 6, 2023

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