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In bad weather, there are power outages. Check out this live map to see which counties have the most outages.

HOUSTON. In bad weather, power outages occur. Use this map to track power outages as they go.

You can check the current outages reported by CenterPoint Energy here with a map of where those outages are.

You can also check out this live map at PowerOutage.us showing how Texas counties are handling electricity. As the outages increase, the colors of each county will change.

CenterPoint Power Outage Tracking

You can hover your mouse over each county to see how many power consumers there are and how many of them do not have electricity.

You can also see counties ranked from highest to lowest in terms of power outages.

In the chart below, you can see the counties with the most power outages in the state. you can use the arrow in the disconnect counter to change the order, or you can search for your county.

ERKOT supply and demand

All eyes are on the Texas power grid as consumption rises. We’ve made it easy for you to check how the network is performing according to demand. ERCOT – Texas Power Reliability Board – has published a chart showing current energy demand as well as the amount of energy used in the state.

You can check this chart anytime online. Here is a link that explains what is on the ERCOT website and how to check.

The ERCOT website also features system-wide demand, combined wind and solar, real-time energy prices, and more.

The site also has a graphical representation of the estimated wind and solar energy production for the current business day and the following day.

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