Investors scoff at Elon Musk’s proposal to postpone Tesla buyout lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Attorneys for Tesla shareholders suing electric car maker CEO Elon Musk over a misleading tweet are calling on a federal judge to deny the billionaire’s request to move the upcoming trial to Texas from California.

Musk argues that potential jurors in a federal court in San Francisco, where the four-year-old case was filed, will treat him unfairly.

But on Wednesday, lawyers for Tesla’s shareholders said there was no legal basis to postpone the upcoming trial, which revolves around an Aug. 7, 2018 tweet in which Musk indicated he had raised funding for a Tesla buyout deal. this was never implemented and led to a $40 million settlement with US securities regulators.

The lawyers also argued that Musk has only himself to blame for any negative perception, largely due to his frequent activity on Twitter, the social media platform he now owns and operates.

“For better or worse, Musk is a celebrity who gets media attention around the world,” attorneys for the shareholders wrote in their 19-page objection to the transfer request. – Only his Twitter footprint is partly to blame for this. If “negative” attention were all that was required to disqualify a pool of jurors, Musk would effectively be unable to be tried in front of a jury given his knack for attracting “negative” coverage.”

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