It’s windy and warmer in North Texas today.

The current calm weather will continue for several days. Friday is expected to be warmer with stronger winds. The south wind can increase up to 25 m/s. At this time of the year, a southerly wind can mean an increase in the amount of cedar pollen brought in from the highlands.

A Pacific cold front will pass over the state early Saturday, bringing slightly cooler air. Showers are also possible in East and Southeast Texas. Despite a cold front, temperatures will remain above normal over the weekend.

The relatively mild character is due to the flow of Pacific air, spreading over most of the country. This weather is likely to last until mid-January.

— NBC5 Weatherman Grant Johnston

Latest forecast

  • FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, windy and milder. Height: 70. Wind: south, 15-25 m/s.
  • THIS NIGHT: Partial to mostly cloudy and windy. Low temperature: 50. Wind: SW 10-20 mph.
  • SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. Light rain possible southeast of DFW. Low: 50. High: 63. Wind: NW 10-15 mph.
  • SUNDAY: The party is overcast. Low: 37. High: 58. Wind: N 5-10 m/s.
  • MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 40. High: 64. Wind: South 5-10 mph.
  • TUESDAY: Variable sunny weather. Low: 44. High: 66. Wind: Northwest 5-10 mph.
  • WEDNESDAY: Variable sunny weather, windy and moderate. Low: 44. High: 70. Wind: South 10-20 mph.
  • THURSDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of light rain. Low: 49. High: 62. Wind: South 5-10 mph.
  • FRIDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 41. High: 60. Wind: N 10-15 m/s.
  • SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 42. High: 61. Wind: SE 5-10 mph.
  • SUNDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 45. High: 66. Wind: South 5-10 mph.

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