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Join us to talk about how arts groups can better support women leaders of color.

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Last week we published a story about women leaders of color leaving creative teams due to lack of support. After talking to six women of color who are leaders in the arts across the country, I have come to one common theme: the preservation of these leaders requires real systemic change.

We’ll discuss how art groups can spearhead this change during a panel event on January 18 at 6:00 pm at the Dallas Morning News Auditorium. I’ll be speaking to three North Texas color art leaders: Kathleen Culebro of the Amphibian Theatre, Caroline Kim of the Crow Museum, and Vicki Meek, who has directed the South Dallas Cultural Center for nearly 20 years.

In our discussion, we will explore the six solutions presented in this article on how creative teams can help women leaders of color stay and succeed. They are:

  • Change starts on the board.
  • Welcome to the group of women leaders of color.
  • Let them build their teams.
  • Let them lead.
  • Listen and accept discomfort.
  • Prioritize the welfare of these leaders.

This is not the first time such solutions have been proposed. According to the women I spoke to for this story, there was a lot of discussion about this topic, but not enough action. These leaders say it’s important to keep talking about possible solutions and reflecting on what else needs to be done.
Yvette Loynaz, director of artistic management at the St. Louis Opera House, said it may seem like the window of opportunity to discuss issues of inclusion and diversity in the arts is disappearing.

But there are many people who are working to continue these conversations, she said. Loynaz heard that this moment was compared to the opening of an elevator. “Like two doors that want to close, but multiple hands keep it open,” she said.

Many arts groups are trying to reach new communities and diversify programs and performers. To do this effectively, women leaders of color say, organizations need to support new leaders from different communities.

We understand that this conversation will not solve these problems overnight. But we’re at Arts Access, a partnership between Dallas Morning News and KERA will continue to highlight efforts to diversify leadership in the arts.

Interested in joining a panel discussion? You can answer here.

“How Arts Organizations Can Support Leaders of Color,” January 18, 6:00 pm, The Dallas Morning News Auditorium, 1954 Commerce St. Registration starts at 17:30. Light snacks will also be served.

Arts Access is a partnership between Dallas Morning News and KERA, which expands the reach of local arts, music and culture through the lens of access and equity.

This community-funded journalism initiative is funded by Better Together Foundation, Carol and Don Glendenning, City of Dallas OAC, Texas Communities Foundation, Dallas Foundation, Eugene McDermott Foundation, James and Gail Halperin Foundation, Jennifer and Peter Altabef and The Meadows. Foundation. News and KERA retain full editorial control of Arts Access journalism.

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