Kathy ISD canceled visit by author Emma Straub after she used the ‘F word’ online

Katie ISD canceled plans for the famous writer to visit two elementary schools last week after discovering she was using “obscene language” on social media. Emma Straub, author of six New York Times best-selling books, had to read her first children’s picture book. Lots of hats to kindergarten and first graders at Robertson and Cimarron Elementary Schools on January 13th. However, the day before the event, the district withdrew its invitation due to complaints received from parents about Straub’s use of profanity online, specifically the word “F”. “

“The visit was intended as an opportunity to meet the children’s book writer who wrote Lots of hats and learn about the writing process,” reads an email sent Jan. 12 by administrators to parents and staff at both schools. platforms – deliberately repetitive use of the word “F”. This type of language, as you know, is not in line with the values ​​of our school and community.”

The district apologized for “any misunderstandings or inconvenience” with the cancellation, adding, “Ensuring that we consistently model appropriate behaviors and expectations for our students, both in the classroom and through other campus opportunities, is paramount.”

Ann Rassi, mother of Katie with IDD, tweeted a complaint she found from another parent of Katy with ISD regarding one of the tweets in question: Posted May 24, 2022 from Straub, which read: “To hell with guns, to hell with people who care more about controlling women’s bodies than to protect all of us from people with guns, to hell! That’s too much. So heartbroken.” That day in Uvalde, Texas, a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers.

“Once again @katyisd is giving in to the relentless demands of parents who insist on restricting access and experience to ALL students, not just their own,” Rassi tweeted. on twitter, Straub thanked Russi for drawing attention to the cancellation and lamenting that he could not read Katy ISD to students. “I wish I could read my stupid book about hats and imagination to these kids,” Straub wrote. “The only F-words in the presentation: funny, cat-like feelings.”

Back in October 2022, Katy ISD came under similar criticism after it canceled an event with award-winning author Jerry Kraft and temporarily removed his books from library shelves following a petition from parents complaining that his books contained “critical racial theory.” However, the county later rescheduled his visit and restored Kraft’s books after review.

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