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Kidnapped, assault suspect released on $1 bail in court on new charge of threatening same victim

Aubrey Taylor kidnapped a woman he was dating, strangled and “terrorized” her, court documents say. But Houston judge Josh Hill set both of his bonds at $1 each.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas. Katie’s man, who was released from prison on a two-dollar bond on charges of kidnapping and strangling a woman he dated, was back in court Thursday on a new charge.

Aubrey Andre Taylor, 42, was arrested days after being released last week after he threatened the same victim, according to court documents.

This time, Taylor’s bail was set at $45,000 for kidnapping and $15,000 for assault.

“Mr. Taylor does have convictions for violent crimes in his history, including a conviction for robbery – he had two convictions for robbery – and he also had a conviction for burglary,” said Magistrate Courtney St. Julian.

She denied the prosecutor’s request for no bail because Taylor is a “lifetime resident” and “indigent” so she didn’t think he could run away. St. Julian also granted the victim’s request for a protection order.

Judge Josh Hill Sets $1 Bail

Taylor was initially arrested on December 27 after a woman said he held her hostage, strangled and terrorized her.

Taylor has a long list of charges that includes two convictions for robbery, burglary, theft and drug possession charges dating back to 2003.

When he appeared in Judge Josh Hill’s courtroom on January 13, Taylor was given two prison release cards almost free of charge with $1 worth of bonds. Hill ordered him to be placed under house arrest and told him to stay away from the victim.

Taylor was arrested again on January 18 for violating these orders and threatening the victim with retaliation.

“Sends a terrible message”

“Setting a $2 bail for an accused of abuse is like releasing a dangerous animal. Unfortunately, it also sends a terrible message to survivors that the criminal justice system cannot protect them. The trauma of violence and the horror of kidnapping and persecution lead to a lifetime of emotional healing for the victim,” said traumatologist Chau Nguyen.

The story made national headlines and caught the attention of Texas. Governor Greg Abbott.

“Recidivist accused of beating a woman gets $1 bail. Terrible,” Abbott tweeted. “Texans need to feel safe in their communities. In this session, we will remove the easy bail policy that allows dangerous criminals to return to our streets.”

We have reached out to Judge Hill for comment.

“The rules of judicial ethics do not allow me to comment on any case,” Hill said.

When asked about the messages, he did so to send a message about a new Texas law that forbids judges from releasing violent criminals on bail or public relations obligations, which means they don’t have to pay anything.

“I never said that. I believe I have done a legal analysis of what the law allows and does not allow,” Hill said. “I do not make political statements or propaganda for or against legislation.”

When the Democrat ran for re-election in November, he addressed the issue of low bonds for violent criminals in a lengthy post on his Facebook page.

“Judges do not commit crimes:

Judges do not prevent crime:

Judges don’t get people out of jail:

Collateral companies do.

Judges do not prosecute criminals:

Judges do not lay down the rules they are sworn to abide by:

Read to the end! Judges don’t commit crimes: criminals do. Judges don’t prevent crime: police do. Judges…

Posted by Josh Hill for The Judge on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Taylor is due back in court next Wednesday.

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