Killeen ISD partners with local agencies to educate students on the annual Safety Week.

KILLeen, TX (KWTX) — Killeen ISD is partnering with local agencies to host an annual safety week where they hope to educate students on a variety of safety techniques.

Killeen ISD is the largest school district in central Texas and they consistently put school safety first and communication first. Ralph Disher, KISD’s police chief, says it’s critical for law enforcement to build relationships with students so they can build trust with them.

The district is constantly looking for proactive approaches to improve the safety of its students. For example, installing metal detectors and increasing the presence of K9 officers on campus. Disher also says they have been working to improve land safety by installing new, safer fences around the property.

The latest technology to help keep you safe is two new mobile metal detectors called Evolv. They are designed to improve the efficiency of the area when checking for harmful objects.

“It’s connected to an iPad, and whoever looks at the iPad, it shows in real time people passing through it, and actually finds on them where in their book bag or on their people there might be a particular item, due to which it worked,” explains Disher.

Disher adds that because they are mobile, they can be moved from school to school for various activities. He says that when the football season resumes, metal detectors will help keep the stadium safe.

KISD also has eight campuses in Fort Hood. Disher says they get similar interactions with law enforcement through their school counselors.

Across the district, they hope to teach students when to call 911, be aware of their surroundings, and know how to respond in unsafe situations.

However, the week is dedicated not only to the role of law enforcement in keeping schools safe, but also to firefighters.

“Just doing our basic fire presentations and they are really age group specific. Go out to fire drills and help, and not only talk to the kids, but also offer some guidance and help to the administrative staff if there is anything we think could be improved,” says James Kubinski, Fire Chief of the City of Killeen .

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