Killeen Service Platoon Invites Community to Help Restore Martin Luther King Jr Day Park

Harker Heights, TX (KWTX) — The Killeen Service Platoon is partnering with the City of Harker Heights to restore portions of Carl Levin Park, hoping to unite the community in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of community service. .

“It’s all about the community, and that was one of the things he talked about, the community, bringing the community together, working towards a common goal,” said assistant platoon leader and vice president of the American Veterans Mission, Will Britt.

He said the members wanted to help the community with a hands-on project, so they agreed with the city to work on the park on MLK Day. They are calling on the community to come out and help them.

“Park workers are really, really good at keeping our public rest areas clean and stuff, but they can’t do it all the time,” Britt said. “They are not always on site to find a defect that may need to be fixed. It’s one of the things we’re going to do here.”

The maintenance platoon is planning to restore the public garden in the park. Britt said the garden is overgrown with weeds, so they plan to pull the weeds, clear it, and repair the fence.

They also plan to have the public pool ready for summer maintenance. They will clean the outside area and move the sun loungers around so that the park can properly prepare for the summer season.

Britt said the beams of the water view gazebo had recently been redone, so they plan to paint it and clean up all the debris around it.

He said that they actually plan to collect trash throughout the park and wash the pavilion with water before setting it up underneath.

“We have a great opportunity to bring the community together, and not just walk past each other on the street or at Walmart and ask, “Hey, what are you doing?” Britt said. “This is something we can experience together.”

In addition to cleaning projects around the park, they will have free food, a DJ and a speaker for anyone to come and help.

“He will recount his experiences as he walked through the hotel where Dr. King was killed in Memphis,” Britt said of a speaker who will be attending the event. “He’s going to talk about his experience there, and having gone through that, he’s also a retired military man.”

They ask everyone who plans to visit to register through this form. The form is not required if you wish to attend the event, but they encourage you to complete the form so they can know the amount of food they need to prepare.

The platoon is hoping for a good turnout to make it an annual event for various parks in the area.

The Killeen Service Platoon is part of Mission Continues, a national organization that connects veterans with local organizations to serve the community.

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