Killeen woman rescues dog found abandoned in backpack

KILLIN, TX (KWTX) – An 8-year-old dachshund is given a new life after a woman found him abandoned in a backpack on the sidewalk.

Less than a week ago, when Gina Rae was walking to the store on Old Florence Road, she found a lone backpack on the sidewalk. She had a feeling that something was wrong, so she stopped to check it out.

“When I got down and opened it, all I saw was something black and I thought it was a small child. But he showed me his little head,” says Ray.

They named him Road Warrior, which is fitting for a pup in a dire situation.

“When he fell out, he was all twisted. At first, he could barely walk, his bones were very hard to see, and he was covered in urine and poop. So we took him straight to the vet,” Ray explains.

There they learned about his fate. The road warrior was found in a very malnourished state and would have to have his rear left leg amputated because it was broken beyond repair.

“His bones were in pretty bad condition, he had been sick for a while. His tail is literally made of bone, nothing is left on it, ”says Ray.

Gina took to social media to let others know what she found, and she says she would like the person in charge to do so.

But if not for this terrible situation, the Road Warrior would have no options.

“The person who did this is a terrible person. But when they did, they gave it life,” Ray explains.

And now he gets a chance to thrive in his eternal home.

“Oh, he loves it. He has a dog bed and, of course, clothes. He goes outside and potty trains like he’s supposed to. Once we had a small accident, but he walks and will follow us, ”says Ray.

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