Kyle Rittenhouse will rally against censorship in Montgomery County.

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An “anti-censorship rally” featuring Kyle Rittenhouse has found a new location in Conroe, days after the local brewery closed. pulled out developments.

The January 26 event will now take place at the Lone Star Convention and Expo Center, a facility owned by Montgomery County.

Rittenhouse has become something of a conservative icon, having created a minor platform against the media and censorship after he was acquitted of killing two people during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Change of venue next days between Rittenhouse, the organizer of the event, Defiance Press, and Southern Star Brewery, a privately owned business whose owner said it was inundated with threats, harassment and censorship charges after announcing it would not allow the event to be held there due to a complaint from attendees .

Southern Star Brewery CEO Dave Fougeron disputed the claims Rittenhouse and other prominent right-wing figures that he canceled the event due to pressure from the “woke crowd” or retailers such as San Antonio-based HEB. Fougeron also said he didn’t know until last week that Rittenhouse was the “special guest” of the event.

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keogh is among Fougeron’s critics and, like Rittenhouse, accused the brewery of falling into a “cancellation culture.”

“While I support the right of business or property owners to host or not host an event based on their values, it is foolish to give in to awakened organizations, especially in the current cancellation culture environment,” Keogh said. Conro Courier.

Jason Millsaps, Keogh’s chief of staff, said the judge had nothing to do with the decision to book Rittenhouse at the convention center. “This is a facility open to anyone who can negotiate a lease on the premises,” he said. “… We do not discriminate against events wishing to rent our space.”

Earlier this week a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip also canceled a reception attended by Rittenhouse, which was to be hosted by a gun rights group, stating that the event “does not conform to our property’s basic event management principles”.

The Conroe event will also feature Daniel Miller, leader of TEXIT, a group that advocates secession of Texas from the United States. The organizer of the event, Conroe-based Defiance Press, describes itself as “active in the fight against censorship through the publication of conservative books that have been widely censored in the mainstream media”, and has published works such as “Crown Fascism” and a biography of Joe. Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who refused a court order to end racial profiling by his department.

Defiance Press also published pro-Has separatist material.

The recent spat with Conroe was Rittenhouse’s last in Texas: Last year, he announced that he was planning to attend Texas A&M University, saying he turned it down after the university said he wasn’t accepted. Rittenhouse, from Illinois, later said he planned to attend Blinn College, a two-year school in Branham, and then transfer to Texas A&M University.

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