Lacey Lakeview man asks for probation reprieve after pleading guilty to murder in 2019

Waco, TexasKWTX)- Lacey Lakeview’s man, who shot another man in front of the victim’s teenage stepson in September 2019, pleaded guilty Wednesday to murder charges.

Jacob Isaiah Jones, 31, asked 54th State District Judge Susan Kelly to grant him a reprieve in connection with the shooting of 40-year-old Brent Lee Reynolds at the Elm Mott residence.

Jones pleaded guilty without a plea deal from prosecutors. However, Assistant District Attorney Christy DeCluitt told the judge that the state would recommend 25 years in prison and would object to his request for probation. She also said that if the judge refused to grant him a suspended sentence in the case, the state would agree to a 25-year prison sentence limit.

Kelly will pass judgment on Jones at the end of March after reviewing the probation department’s report.

Jones’ attorney, Russ Hunt, said he thought Jones deserved probation.

“I think that when the judge understands all the facts related to this, she will come to the same conclusion as me. It’s that mercy is appropriate,” Hunt said, declining to comment further.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Reynolds came to the house in the 3500 block of Mazaneck Road with his stepson, only to find the man was not at home. According to investigators, Reynolds called the man and an argument ensued.

The landlord didn’t want Reynolds there, authorities said, and he and Jones drove up later and the three got into an argument.

The occupant of the house came out to confront Reynolds and Jones left, according to records filed in the case. However, he returned and fired at least three shots from his vehicle, hitting Reynolds at least once in the torso, according to the arrest testimony.

Reynolds collapsed while walking down Mazaneck Road and died from his injuries.

The affidavit alleges that Reynolds’ 13-year-old stepson was standing nearby when the shots rang out and was in danger of being hit by the shots.

Deputies also arrested Reynolds on charges of endangering children, but these charges were not considered, according to court records.

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