Lawyer evaluates Biden’s new immigration plan and border controls

President Joe Biden is planning a border security operation in El Paso Sunday after announcing a new parole process that includes waiving Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans and Haitians who cross the border illegally from Mexico.

Instead of this Department of Homeland Security will receive 30,000 people from these four countries per month and offer them the opportunity to work legally.

“This… will be devastating for asylum seekers who don’t know anyone in the US or don’t have anyone who meets the criteria to be a sponsor to qualify for a parole program,” St. Mary Eric University Clinical Law Professor. Schommer said.

Schommer oversees the non-profit immigration representation program at the university. She said the parole process did not qualify for asylum in the United States. Refugee Convention.

“Anyone who makes it to our land and sincerely fears returning will be allowed to continue this process. It doesn’t look like that will happen,” Schommer said.

Whether migrants seek asylum or not, they must apply for parole from their home country.

“I’m not opposed to us creating a process by which someone can apply for asylum outside of the US, but I have serious concerns about people’s safety with regards to being able to do so, as well as how long that the process will take from our side,” Schommer. said.

According to DHS, this process is part of plans to prepare for Section 42 ending. After Section 42 ends, federal agents will ensure safe and orderly processing at ports of entry.

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